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Mini Split AC San Antonio

Ductless air conditioner units are an extremely efficient choice for energy-conscious homeowners. Without ducts, there is no, or significantly less, air loss in your home. The average home loses 30 percent of conditioned air through leaky duct or heat pump systems. This air can escape from the attic before it gets a chance to cool your home!

Mini-split systems have proven to be an efficient alternative. In fact, mini-splits can be 50% more efficient than units made to the government minimum of 15 SEER, and as much as 70% more efficient than 1990s models.

What is a Mini-Split AC Installation and How Does it Work?

A mini-split ac system is made up of indoor units and outdoor units. There are two main components: the compressor, which is installed outside your home, and an indoor unit. The outdoor condenser pumps refrigerant gas to the indoor evaporator where it’s used to cool or heat your home.

The installation process can be more extensive than traditional central air conditioning systems due to the number of components and the space required to install it.

Before you begin shopping for mini-split AC units, you need to know how much air-conditioned is needed in the rooms of your home.

What Size AC Unit Do I Need?

Installing central ductless air conditioners requires hiring an HVAC contractor with knowledge and experience in the industry. The contractor will diagnose the difference between the supply and return registers in your home, as well as any changes needed to create a balanced airflow throughout your home.

For an indoor or outdoor unit, you need to ensure you’re purchasing an ac unit that fits your rooms. Measure the length and width of each room, then multiply those measurements to calculate square footage per room. You’ll need to know the square footage of each room when you compare ac units.

Most mini split ac units offer zone control, which allows you to control and manage individual rooms or groups of rooms. You can also calculate the length and width of each zone for a quick comparison.

Why Choose Us? 

When you buy a new mini-split system in San Antonio, you’ll want a technician who understands the product and how to install it. That’s Freedom Air Repair. Our experts have achieved the gold standard in HVAC service—ACE certification. This means they’re well-equipped to give quality service, which we back with our one-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Putting a wall-mounted mini-split or mini-split heat pump system is unobtrusive. Your home won’t get messy because there are no ducts or air vents. Our technicians offer expert mini-split system installation and will professionally install it by drilling small holes in the wall. These holes allow the indoor and outdoor units to be linked by refrigerant lines. 

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split System 

A mini-split ductless system is an HVAC product that is growing in popularity across many different San Antonio homes. San Antonio homeowners love the fact that they can change and control the temperature in each room in their homes. Each room, if desired, can be heated or cooled to a different temperature which can help reduce heating costs and utility expenses. Here are some of the benefits of ductless Mini-split systems: 

  • Energy efficiency: Since these HVAC appliances don’t use ductwork, there are no thermal or air losses that forced-air systems often have. Mini-splits transfer heat so the air blows directly into the room from the indoor air handler.
  • Flexibility: The indoor air handler can sit on the floor or hang from a wall. These systems use remote controls for easy operation.
  • Safety: Compared to window or wall air conditioners, mini-splits are much safer, since the connecting hole is far too small to allow entrance into a home.
  • Easy installation: Since the refrigerant is installed at the factory, all the contractor needs to do is drill a small hole through an exterior wall. This comes with an easier installation process. 

How Do I Find The Best Mini-Split AC For My Home In San Antonio?

Homeowners who are shopping for the best mini-split AC rely on us to help them make their buying decision. When you buy a wall-mounted mini split ac unit, you want it to be balanced with your home’s HVAC system. This will cut down on energy bills and control humidity levels.

Our experts at Freedom Air Repair will walk you through the entire buying process. We’ll recommend a split ac system based on your room size and how much air-conditioned air is needed in your home. Call us today for quality service from an HVAC contractor with years of experience in the industry.

You can enjoy freedom from allergies, and humidity while saving money with an energy-efficient ductless mini split ac installation in San Antonio. That’s just one way that your family will benefit from this convenient HVAC appliance.

Freedom Air Repair has installed hundreds of ductless systems in south Texas. We offer single and multi-zone ductless solutions for single rooms and entire homes. We are proud to install modern and sleek ductless AC units that meet today’s high demand for energy efficiency. 

We are experienced in the HVAC industry. We provide technical advice and help you make the right choice for your heating and cooling needs. We provide written quotations. Our prices are affordable and our service priceless. Don’t waste time, call now and get your room temperature under control, today!


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